Performance Marketing has been evolved with the involvement of social media influencers, business development and paid media partners.
Streamline your workflow, recruit and manage your partner, access performance indicators and action-guided insights, identify and prevent ad fraud with customizing tracking solutions to meet your specific demands all the times.
Our Features
Optimized for global advertisement tracking and attribution, accurate identification of traffic and customer sources, and precise attribution to improve advertising efficiency, performance, and ROI.
Support for real-time analysis of all data metrics such as click report, conversion report, quality report and order report.
Comprehensive identification and filtering of fraudulent bot traffic, rotating user agents, and repeated clicks through IP black-and-white lists. Protect your reputation and avoid business disputes
Automated operation management functions such as customs clearance, order hop checks, mail alarms, with the purpose of helping businesses to avoid human error, save time and resources and improve overall operational efficiency.
Manage your advertisers and channels in your exclusive system, displaying your brand and business information to establish strong relationships with your partners.