Multi-dimensional identity verification, customer full lifecycle risk control

Three common market obstacles to sustained sales growth.

Poor Customer Management

Limited of customer information, single way of customer acquisition. Scarcity of effective leads, value cannot be assessed

Weak Lead Conversion

Inability to reach efficiently, poor conversion rate of leads. High conversion cost, long order-to- delivery cycle.

Difficult in Management

Lack of management system, increased bad debt rate. Obsolescence of customer information, increased difficulty of risk control.

Lack of effective tools lead you to bad time management up to 90%!

Sales is hard-working! But only 1/3 of the time has “sales value”

Spend 4 hours per day with <1% response rate and <50% performance achievement rate

  • Failure to identify the exact potential user group
  • Difficulty in finding key decision makers
  • Lack of information on target customers
  • Spending a lot of time manually searching for customer pain points
  • No prioritization of leads
  • Wrong timing of sales
  • Inability to keep up-to-date with your customers related the market information

Sales Cloud One-Stop Solution

Build a full chain solution for growth, retention and realization based on universal automation and intelligence AI+Big Data empowers customer scenarios to get customers and solve conversion pain points.

FlashInfo: Intelligent customer acquisition, a key to obtain a large number of target customers, improve the efficiency of customer acquisition

  • Identify accurate TAM
  • Identify potential sales leads
  • Produce accurate information quickly
  • Prioritize targets
  • Find buying signals/cycles
  • Monitor decision maker changes
  • Provide ICP portrait
  • Seamlessly connect/integrate to CRM

Intelligent screening, big data + AI automation low-cost customer acquisition

Multi-dimensional identity verification, customer full lifecycle risk control


Provide a unified phone audit during the voice outbound call, automatically confirm the authenticity of the customer to ensure that the customer is real and valid.

Verify and authenticate

Verify customer credit rating, do comprehensive risk assessment and anti-fraud before customer cooperation to ensure high quality cooperation

Real time monitoring

During customer cooperation, real-time monitoring of customer credit risk, once there is a major risk, immediately warning service suspension, especially for post-paid customers and reduce the bad debt rate.