Retail & E-Commerce

AI intelligent screening for easy customer acquisition, all-channel automated

Sales is hard work! But only 1/3 of the time has “sales value”

Spend four hours per day <1% response rate <50% performance achievement rate

  • Not identifying the exact potential user group
  • Difficult to find key decision makers
  • Lack of target customer information
  • Spend a lot of time manually finding customer pain points
  • No prioritization of leads
  • Wrong time to sell
  • Unable to update customer and market information on time

FlashAI”Human + machine” collaboration mode, omnichannel reach conversion

Find the right leads — at scale

1000+ data dimensions present all round of target customers’ portrait Powerful algorithm framework to recommend quality business opportunities based on enterprise customer portrait

Create more conversations that convert customers

Hidden within the efficiency of e-Commerce platforms are numerous communications to customers and logistics agents. These repetitive tasks can seriously impact efficiency and morale. AI Calling can be used to automate these tasks ensuring greater effectiveness and productivity while reducing costs.

New product recommendation and user recall

Used for order notification, logistics notification, life service notification, user login/registration, identity verification, etc New product promotion, membership benefits, customer care, promotional activities, points activities, etc.