big data + AI automation low-cost customer acquisition

Core business pain points

Difficult to recruit customers

Traditional customer acquisition method is single, lack of quality customer acquisition channels

High Costs

Rapid rising of networking costs, and continuous labour cost growth

Low human efficiency

Spend a lot of time looking for customers, waste time on ineffective communication

Solutions provided by FlashCloud

One-click access to a large number of leads to improve the efficiency of customer mining

Relying on 200 million+ enterprise data coverage capacity, according to the enterprise target customer portrait, through keyword intelligent search, similar recommendations, etc., to establish accurate user portrait model, one-click access to a large number of target consumers

Intelligent customer acquisition with global coverage and low- cost reach around the clock

With the help of the intelligent platform covering the whole world, it can efficiently link the global network lines, and automatically obtain customers with no dead angles. At the same time, it provides all-weather self-service access service

AI intelligent screening for easy customer acquisition, all-channel automated reminders

Identify the needs of customers from a large number of target customers through AI telephone robot/SMS/email, while synchronous sales, sales process can be documented to check customer credit rating, grasp risks to improve the quality of clues, improve sales efficiency

Marketing Effectiveness

Massive data collection from the whole network

  • 8000
  • Targeted Business Pool
  • 18000
  • Contact Information

Global Link Smart Reach

  • 93%
  • reach rate
  • Customized low-cost
  • capacity expansion for
  • enterprises

AI robot intelligent screening

  • 5,000
  • calls per day
  • 140,000
  • active calls per month

Low-cost acquisition of high-value customers

  • 168
  • high value customer leads
  • 11.80RMB
  • High value leads cost as low as