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Full time | Global,Shanghai
Chief Engineer Responsible person

Job description

  1. As the general person in charge of the project, participate in the company’s operation and decision-making, collect information, and put forward constructive opinions and suggestions in combination with their own experience.
  2. Be fully responsible for the product, operation and R & D team of social app, formulate and implement the overall product and operation plan and strategy of the platform, and be responsible for the operation results and business revenue.
  3. Be responsible for the planning, organization, implementation and control of the platform’s product operation, content operation, activity operation, user operation, anchor operation and guild operation.
  4. Through market research and platform data analysis, timely analyze problems, put forward effective solutions and optimize various work. Effectively improve the market share and user activity of the live video platform.
  5. Formulate scientific and reasonable work plans and objectives, and lead the team to exceed the targets.

Job requirements

  1. Bachelor degree or above, at least 5 years of experience in social platform product operation and management, and the excellent can be extended to college.
  2. Be familiar with various social platforms, have an in-depth understanding of various operation strategies and means of social networking, and have their own opinions on the social industry.
  3. Keen market insight and rigorous logical analysis ability.
  4. Excellent data statistical analysis ability, able to find problems from data and provide solutions.
  5. Enterprising, entrepreneurial and innovative, able to work under high pressure, strong execution, good at organizing, coordinating and promoting project progress.