Senior Product Manager/Product Director (Business Product) - FlashCloud

Full timeGlobal,Shanghai

Excellent Project Vibrant Team Management Positions

Job Description

  1. Familiar with enterprise big data industry, deep understanding of enterprise information, intellectual property, bidding, public opinion and other business values.
  2. Responsible for FlashInfo product planning, enterprise data business framework, setting the direction product development direction and product promotion strategy.
  3. Screening target enterprise groups for end-customers, building marketing paths and improving end-customer conversion rates.
  4. Responsible for product functional analysis, industrialized analysis, functional design, promote the ease of use and standardization of the platform.
  5. Concerned about industry information, track competitor trends, and be innovative to improve product competitiveness and commercialization value.
  6. Data tracking, data analysis and review of business, responsible for business results.

Job Requirements

  1. Bachelor degree or above, with experience in enterprise big data industry product positions.
  2. Fluent English in listening, speaking, reading and writing, ability to use English as the main working language, with overseas business communication work experience.
  3. familiar with overseas application market product launch and marketing resources, with user growth related project experience is preferred.
  4. Deep understanding of user and content operation in overseas markets (Europe, America, any region in Southeast Asia), and a deep understanding of the local humanities, regulations and social environment is preferred.