Product Operations / User Growth Manager - FlashCloud

Full timeGlobal,Shanghai

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Job Description

  1. Responsible for the promotion and operation of overseas products (APP, Web) and user growth, improving user growth indicators such as new arrivals, activity, retention and conversion.
  2. According to different countries and user scenarios in overseas markets, users are finely stratified through user behavior and user tags, and each key node of user conversion is controlled, and each link of conversion, retention and activity is continuously optimized to improve the conversion efficiency of each funnel.
  3. Data analysis to drive analytical decisions, study placement strategies for each channel and establish efficient placement mechanisms.
  4. Familiar with user stratification strategies and able to differentiate operation strategies for different stratified users to achieve goals through experimentation and experience.

Job Requirement

  1. Bachelor degree or above, 3+ years experience in product operations or channel promotion.
  2. Familiar with internet’s product operation and market promotion, experience in famous internet platform user growth is preferred.
  3. Familiar with internet product promotion methods and channel media, good at integrating internal and external resources.
  4. Ability to read and write English is preferred.