Flashintel's Flashinfo Launches Power-Dialer On Its Integrated Platform

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, April 5, 2023/einpresswire.com / — flashintel , the leading GTM intelligence company, is excited to announce that its flagship product, FlashInfo, has launched Power-Dialer on its integrated platform. Power-Dialer is a sales acceleration tool designed to help sales reps streamline their workflows and boost productivity.

With Power-Dialer, sales reps can make more calls in less time, eliminating the need for manual dialing and allowing them to focus on selling. The tool comes equipped with advanced features such as call recording, call scheduling, and call analytics to help sales reps manage their calls and track their performance.

“We are thrilled to launch Power-Dialer on FlashInfo’s integrated platform,” said Jerry Limber, SVP of FlashIntel. “This is an exciting development for our customers, who can now take advantage of a powerful tool that can help them increase their sales productivity and drive revenue growth.”

Power-Dialer is fully integrated with FlashInfo’s suite of sales intelligence and enablement tools. This integration allows sales reps to seamlessly move between different tools and workflows, improving efficiency and reducing errors.

FlashInfo’s Power-Dialer is available now for all existing and new customers. For more information on Power-Dialer or to schedule a demo, please visit: https://www.myflashcloud.com/