FlashInfo – Discover prospects and close deals

Get started to find your prospects.

Intelligent Customer Acquisition

A key to obtain a large number of target customers, improve the efficiency of customer acquisition

  • Identify accurate TAM
  • Find potential sales leads
  • Get accurate information quickly
  • Prioritize targets
  • Find buying signals/cycles
  • Monitor decision maker changes
  • Provide ICP portrait
  • Seamless connection to CRM

Intelligent data collection to build a full enterprise knowledge graph

Deep data mining based on corporate relationships and business logic with the self-developed knowledge graphs technology

Data Source

  • Open Available Structured Data Covering 10 million+ companies
  • Public Unstructured Data Monitor 300,000+ websites
  • Contribute to the Network Millions of data updates per day
  • Own App and Parent Company Data deposits1 billion+ global
  • internet users
  • Non-public Data 100+ Researchers
  • Docking CRM Client’s own side data

Data Tags

  • Company Profile: company, position, region, revenue, financing, market share, personnel, hiring, etc.
  • Product Portrait: Technology used by the company
  • Hotness Analysis: pain points and demand analysis
  • Purchase Habits and Cycles: contract expiration, new products /technologies/needs
  • Decision Maker Portrait: contact information, user mind portrait
  • Web Content Consumption: website access analysis, search keyword analysis, etc.

FlashInfo Core Benefits

Global Enterprise Database

Covering 200 millions+ business registrations and 500 millions+ contacts across worldwide

All Round Data Dimensions

1000+ data dimensions present all round of target customers’ portrait

Intelligent Recommendation

Powerful algorithm model to recommend quality business opportunities based on enterprise customer portrait

Data Security

Compliance and public information collected from the whole network, data security is guaranteed