Provide customers with safe, convenient and efficient one-stop financial risk control solutions


Liveness detection, face comparison, document OC

  • India: PAN OCR, Aadhaar OCR, liveness detection,
    face comparison
  • Mexico: INE/IFE OCR, liveness detection, facecomparison
  • Pakistan: CNIC/NIC OCR, liveness detection, face


  • India: PAN verification, Aadhaar verification, bank
    card verification
  • Mexico: CURP verification, RFC verification, bank
    card verification
  • Pakistan: CNIC/NIC Verification


  • India: Experain credit report, flash cloud
    credit score
  • Mexico: Circulo Credit Report


  • India blacklist / Mexican blacklist



Provide a unified phone audit during the voice outbound call, automatically confirm the authenticity of the customer to ensure that the customer is real and valid.


Verify and authenticate

Verify customer credit rating, do comprehensive risk assessment and anti-fraud before customer cooperation to ensure high quality cooperation



Real time monitoring

During customer cooperation, real-time monitoring of customer credit risk, once there is a major risk, immediately warning service suspension, especially for post-paid customers and reduce the bad debt rate.