Intelligent screening, big data + AI automation low-cost customer acquisition

Intelligent Marketing Automation Services Based on Natural Language Interaction

  • AI Voice Robot
  • AI Aggregation Model
  • Intelligent Customer Service
  • Cloud Communication Services

FlashAI Core Benefits

AI Technology Capabilities

  • Integration of a variety of ASR/TTS/NLU and other AI
    technologies, self-research multi-wheel interaction
  • Commercially available in 22 languages and
    30+ language labs in training

Industry Scenario Applications

  • Has provided solutions and application services for 400+
    scenarios and 30+ industries
  • Complete over 200,000,000+ conversations with real
    people; Knowledge graphs for multiple industries

Products & Solutions

  • With artificial + AI, providing “human + machine”
    collaboration of SMS / AI voice robot / telephone customer service / text customer service and other omni-channel
    reach, to achieve efficient reach and conversion, and establish a new model of intelligent sales industry

Operations & Services

  • Localized professional service team with
    branches in 12 countries
    7*24 hours service

FlashAI “Human + machine” collaboration mode, omnichannel reach conversion

  • Customer access to data of users with phone numbers through FlashInfo and own databases.
  • Achieve transformation through sending SMS / AI voice robot/telephone customer service/text customer service and other touch.
  • Customer analysis through the converted data to achieve secondary marketing and improve conversion rate.

FlashAI Significantly Improve

the Efficiency of Telemarketing,

Efficient Order Formation

Efficient work, low-cost management, AI intelligent outbound and answering assistant for enterprises.

Intelligent voice interaction system for marketing, reminder, promotion, callback and other scenarios.


Lower Labor


Low Cost>
1/5 of labor cost
Won’t Get Tired>

1000 calls/day

No Training>
Easy to get started
No Relaxation>

Precise record

Not Low>
Emotionally stimulating


Work Efficiency


Large Number of Users>
Automatic dialing without waiting

Intent Determination>
Accurate recording without

Flexible Calling Methods>
No complicated template

Data Recording>
No loss of call content


Sales Performance


Leads Screening>

Standardize Intent Determination

Call Recording>

Voice to text double conversion

Call Adjustment>

Flexible template adjustment

Data Analysis>

Clear presentation