Intellingent screening, big data + AI automation low-cost customer acquisition

Intelligent marketing automation services based on natural language interaction

  • AI Voice Robot
  • AI aggregation model
  • Intelligent Customer Service
  • Cloud CommunicationServices

FlashAI Core Benefits

AI Technology Capabilities

  • Integration of a variety of ASR/TTS/NLU and other AI
    technologies, self-research multi-wheel interaction
  • Commercially available in 22 languages and
    30+ language labs in training

Industry Scenario Applications

  • Has provided solutions and application services for 400+
    scenarios and 30+ industries
  • Complete over 200,000,000+ conversations with real
    people; Knowledge graphs for multiple industries

Products & Solutions

  • With artificial + AI, providing “human + machine”
    collaboration of SMS / AI voice robot / telephone customerservice / text customer service and other omni-channel
    reach, to achieve efficient reach and conversion, andestablish a new model of intelligent sales industry

Operations & Services

  • Localized professional service team with
    branches in 12 countries
    7*24 hours service

Supported 20+ Language Types


FlashAI”Human + machine” collaboration mode,omnichannel reach conversion

Customer access to data of users with phone numbers through FlashInfo and own databases. Achieve transformation through sending SMS / AI voice robot/telephone customer service/text customer service and other touch. Customer andlysis through the converted data to achieve secondary marketing and improve conversion rate.

FlashAI Significantly improve

the efficiency of telemarketing,

efficient order formation

efficient work,low-cost management,AI intelligentdolor sit amet,  outbound and answering assistant for enterprises.

intelligent voice interaction system for marketing,reminder,
promotion,callback and other scenarios



                         Lower labor


                             low cost>
                       1/5 of labor cost
                         Wont get tired>

                          1000 calls/day

                          No training>

                   immediately on board

                          No relaxation>

                           precise record

                              Not low>
                 Emotionally stimulating


                      Work efficiency


                large number of users>

        Automatic dialing without waiting

                Intent determination>

         accurate recording without


             Flexible calling methods>

            No comolicated template


                      Data recording>

            No loss of call contents


                    Sales Performance


                    Leads Screening>

     Srandardized Intent Determinatio

                       Call recording>

        Voice to text double conversion

                       Call adjustment>

         Flexible template  adjustment

                      Data analysis>

                clear presesntation