FlashCloud is a platform for discovery and engagement

of corporate contacts and relations all around the world.

FlashCloud Focuses on Sales Enablement Management

  • Independent research and development by using the cutting-edge cloud technology
  • Detailed diagnostic, forecasting and assessment of business challenges through machine learning + big data
  • Precise and effective one-stop commercialization solution
  • Relying on our expertise, especially in marketing and seamlessly connecting/integrating with clients existing systems

FlashCloud Overview


  • Smart Business Data Platform
  • Mining for the most accurate target customer information
  • Reduce cost and improve sales efficiency
  • Data covering Europe, America, Africa and South East Asia


  • AI Voice Calling Platform
  • Automatic completion of intent filtering
  • Constantly optimizing machine learning
  • Reduce cost and improve sales efficiency


  • FlashClick Marketplace Platform
  • Discover and Engage Publishers and Brands
  • Tracking and Attribution
  • Fraud Prevention
  • FuseAdz Automated Offer Importing

Solutions – Our Product Approach for your Best Services


Intelligent customer acquisition, a key to obtain a large number of target customers, improve the efficiency of customer acquisition

  • Global Enterprise Database Covering 100 million+ business registration information and 500 million+ contact data worldwide
  • All round data dimensions 1000+ data dimensions present all round of target customers’ portrait
  • Intelligent Recommendation Powerful algorithm model to recommend quality business opportunities based on enterprise customer portrait
  • Data Security Compliance and public information collected from the whole network, data security is guaranteed


FlashAI “Human+Machine” collaboration mode, omnichannel reach conversion

  • Customer access to data of users with phone numbers through FlashInfo and own database.
  • Achieve transformation through sending SMS /AI voice robot/ telephone customer service/text customer service and other touch.
  • Customer analysis through the converted data to achieve secondary marketing and improve conversion rate.


A platform for Brands, Advertisers, and Agencies to automate and scale Partnership Economy.

  • FlashClick Marketplace Our marketplace interconnects FlashClick users with each others to expand partnership and accelerate business growth.
  • Discover and Engage Discover new marketing partners and keep them engaged with automated workflow.
  • Tracking and Attribution Track your partners across app and web properties and attribute their performance.
  • Fraud Prevention Use built-in tools to expose and prevent fraud. Cut out low-quality and invalid traffic and increase your ROAS.
  • FuseAdz Automate offer import with one click. No time waste on API scripting!

FlashInfo Price

Starter Plan

$499 /year
  • Export Results (1.2k rows/month)
  • Unlock Contacts(30 credits/month)
  • Powerful Search
  • Social Media Links
  • Verified Emails and Phone Numbers
  • Mobile Direct Dials
  • Chrome Extension

Pro Plan

$999 /year
  • Export results (2.4k rows/month)
  • Unlock Contacts(100 credits/month)
  • Powerful Search
  • Social Media Links
  • Verified Emails and Phone Numbers
  • Mobile Direct Dials
  • Chrome Extension
  • CRM Integration

Enterprise Plan

  • Team Management
  • FlashAI
  • FlashCom
  • Dedicated Success Manager
  • Bulk Display 1k Contacts
  • API Access

Trusted by Leading Brands Across the World