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FlashInfo is the essential sales intelligence engine for mobile, web, API, and extensions. It empowers CRM systems with comprehensive data enrichment capabilities and enables business development, sales and account managers with instant B2B intelligence.

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Take advantage of our vast dataset easily with your mobile devices. FlashInfo Application arms you with coordinated account and contact insights whenever and wherever you need them.

Form your Go-to-Market strategy and drive revenue

Find target customers faster
Create contact lists with accurate and well-rounded B2B databases from FlashInfo. Utilize sales intelligence to sell instantly and let FlashInfo recommend relevant high-value leads to you.
Increase outcome-driven touchpoints
Make massive and effective touchpoints with every prospect using AI-based engagement solutions. Interact with prospects at scale and convert them into buyers efficiently and effectively.
Manage partnerships with a more efficient workflow
Launch your own partnership network to get your channels to distribute your products & your customers to refer new customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Sales intelligence (SI) is the ability to collect and analyze data to help a salesperson or organization improve its performance. It combines skills, tools, and techniques to make better decisions about leads, customers, and opportunities. Sales intelligence platforms bring together data from multiple sources in one place to give users a complete picture of their customers and prospects.

Artificial intelligence (AI) for sales uses AI technologies to automate and improve the sales process. By automating repetitive tasks, such as prospecting and lead generation, AI can free salespeople to focus on more strategic initiatives, such as building relationships with customers and closing deals.
FlashInfo is a global sales intelligence engine that endows companies with a powerful B2B intelligence database and helps discover customers in chosen TAM. Perceptive AI, reasoning/meaningful interaction, and real-time decision-making are all used to produce innovative results, improve business productivity and efficiency, and increase revenue.
There are several ways that organizations can use AI for sales, including:   Automating repetitive tasks: By automating repetitive tasks like prospecting and lead generation, AI can free salespeople to focus on more strategic initiatives.
  • Lead Scoring and Prioritization: AI can help sales organizations prioritize and score leads based on their likelihood to convert. By focusing on the most promising leads, salespeople can close more deals.
  • Predictive Analytics:AI can help sales organizations predict customer behavior and identify upsell and cross-sell opportunities. By understanding how customers are likely to behave, salespeople can provide them with the products and services they need.
  • Sales Process Optimization:AI can help sales organizations optimize their processes by identifying bottlenecks and inefficiencies. Organizations can close more deals and improve the customer experience by streamlining the sales process.
  • Sales Automation and Sales Productivity:By automating the sales process, AI can help organizations close more deals and improve sales productivity.
AI for sales can provide several benefits, including:
  • Improved Sales Productivity: By automating repetitive tasks like prospecting and lead generation, AI can help salespeople focus on more strategic initiatives. As a result, sales organizations can close more deals and improve sales productivity.
  • Increased Revenue:AI can help sales organizations close deals and increase revenue. By understanding customer behavior and identifying upsell and cross-sell opportunities, salespeople can provide customers with the necessary products and services.
  • Enhanced Consumer Experience: Artificial intelligent (AI) powered sales teams are increasingly utilizing interactive agents since they can convincingly mimic human behavior in conversations with customers, increase consumer engagement, and place orders. 52% of telecommunications organizations already utilize chatbots to increase overall productivity. This creates a more efficient and humanlike customer service experience.
  • Predictable Sales Pipeline:By understanding customer behavior, sales organizations can predict the likelihood of closing a deal. As a result, organizations can have a more predictable sales pipeline and improved forecasting accuracy.
  • Improved Negotiation and Closing Process:AI can assist salespeople in negotiating and closing. AI algorithms may determine a client’s reservation price based on their size, sector, and past purchasing patterns. This provides salespeople with applicable standards to use while negotiating with clients.

The United States Department of Labor puts the cost of a bad hire at up to 30% of the employee’s wages for the first year. In the event that you take an employee with a yearly pay of $80,000, the expense to the employer would be as high as $24,000. Research by Gallup estimates that actively disengaged employees in the United States cost businesses anywhere from $450 billion to $550 billion in lost productivity each year.

FlashInfo can be used as an outbound talent recruiting platform, to help you hunt targeted talents and minimize the chance of bad hires.

Demand generation encompasses a whole set of marketing techniques including

– Driving awareness to a product

– Nurturing customer trust and loyalty

– Displaying thought leadership in the market

In other words, demand generation is an umbrella term that encapsulates everything from lead nurturing to upselling. The ultimate aim of demand generation is for a product to curate their ideal target market and establish themselves as reputable leaders in that arena.

Demand generation is the ideal foundation and precursor of lead generation. Demand generation strategies are about establishing a target market and showing them how your products fill a need. This creates authenticity and value around a product that supports the subsequent lead generation campaign and helps drive better quality leads in the long-run.

Best practices for FlashInfo usage to generate demand include:

– exporting targeted lists of contacts to run email and content marketing campaigns (incentivized and non-incentivized)

– use targeted contact lists to run retargeting ad campaigns on display and social media