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Omni-platform management for more efficient advertising

The FlashGrowth Marketing API docks to the major advertising platforms and integrates with account licensing, allowing for one-stop management of multiple advertising accounts.

Customers can rapidly create ad plans and mass replicate and modify similar ad strategies from a single interface.

FlashGrowth supports bulk, intersecting creation of targeting, tagging, sourcing and copywriting groups.


Integrated data reporting and analytical advertising returns

FlashGrowth enables you to perform deep conversion indexing with integrated raw reporting across channels and advertisers, allowing for advanced customisation and multi-dimensional data representation.

FlashGrowth also helps you to reduce costs by linking to billing and financial systems.


Optimised resource management and tailored advertising spend

FlashGrowth supports the input of marketing projects, operational products, related personnel and other parties. Advertisers have direct access to workload statistics for PMs, optimisers and designers to check their productivity. At the same time, FlashGrowth fully supports access to CRM, ERP, OA and other enterprise applications and helps companies to become fully synchronised and clouding.

FlashGrowth offers monitoring services for advertisers. In addition, you can access payment, retention, ARPU, LTV and other subsequent in-depth conversion metrics for your advertising processes, thereby improving ROI accordingly.


Increased ad performance with creative insights & material analytics

Advertisers can manage ad materials on FlashGrowth and receive multi-channel and cross-account content insights.

You can have an exclusive, updated and optimised source of FlashGrowth material. Our creative materials are only served to FlashGrowth members to ensure exclusive contracts with outstanding material creators and direct invite optimisers.

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