Maximize Sales Activities with FlashAI

Utilizing AI technologies including ASR, TTS and NLP to establish a new model of intelligent and outcome-driven sales strategy.

Maximize Sales Activities with AI

Intelligent Automation Based on Natural Language Interaction

  • AI-based Talkbots
  • Intelligent Customer Service
  • Cloud Communication Capabilities

FlashAI Core Benefits

Artificial Intelligence

  • Integration of a variety of ASR/TTS/NLP and other AI technologies with multi-round interaction capabilities. Available in 22 languages.

Industry Applications

  • FlashAI has provided solutions and application services for 400+ scenarios and 30+ industries; completed over 200,000,000+ conversations with real people from multiple industries.

Products & Solutions

  • We can use artificial intelligence to develop a “human + machine” combination of phone and text customer service to decrease labor costs while increasing productivity and efficiency.

Operations & Services

  • Localized professional service team with branches in multiple countries to provide 24/7 service.

FlashAI “Human + AI” collaboration mode with omnichannel outreach

  • Access contact data and lists through FlashInfo and/or your own systems.
  • Integrated engagement experience including SMS, AI Voice, phone customer service, and text customer service.
  • Interaction with Human + AI to maximize efficiency without sacrificing customer experience.
FlashAI 'Human + machine' collaboration mode, omnichannel reach conversion

FlashAI Significantly Improves the Efficiency of Unified Outreach

AI-based outbound solutions for conversations and engagement minimize your operation cost and maximize your sales activities. Existing customer use cases include marketing, reminder, promotion, callback, and other scenarios.

Decrease human labor costs

Lower labor costs>

by up to 30% without sacrificing customer experience (Human+AI)

AI Talkbots don’t require trainings>

easy to get started

No emotional interference>

consistent and stable performance

Increase sales activities by 2x

Large numbers of concurrent calls>

Auto-dialing without waiting time

Maximum output>

AI talkbots are capable to do >1000 calls a day

Intent determination>

Accurate recording without negligence

Increase sales performance by 2x

Lead screening & scoring>

Standardize intent determination with FlashInfo

Call recording with playbook>

voice-to-text conversion to optimize and analyse scripts for playbook training

Data analysis>

Unified dashboard to monitor performance and activities