Easily Manage

FlashCall Agent Call Centre System is a full-function cloud-based phone system which you can easily conduct calling plans and team management on. It takes seconds to get phone numbers in multiple countries and start making or receiving calls.
Traditional Mobile/Fixed-Phone VS FlashCall Agent Call Centre System

Our Advantage

International line

Partnerships with 70+ route providers/network carriers´╝îcovering countires in Southeast Asia, South America and Africa

More carriers are being added constantly

International / local number

Ability to acquire international numbers from more than 30+ countries

Leverage local phone numbers that allow you to call customers from abroad at the most cost-effective rates .

Minimise your concerns

Set you free not only from international router problems, but also hardware maintenance

Most importantly, you can always have most cost-effective line even better than a standard local rate.

Call Center In Cloud

Optimal combination of AI and a Smart agent management capability on the Cloud

  • Integrating your calling system on the Cloud makes all your calling jobs smooth and seamless
  • FlashCall is an independent solution that offers customizability to meet specific requirements
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Omni-Channel User Acquisition System

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